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The Rail Industry is going through many changes. Advancements in new technology, introduction of new rolling stock and infrastructure enhancements to cope with the ever-increasing demand for Rail services, where Safety and Quality are critical has created numerous challenges.

The companies working within the sector face increasing pressure to be more productive and cost efficient whilst maintaining a safe and reliable service industry, not only to work in but also to use.

ENTECH Rail rises to this challenge by providing professionals that work within all spheres of the Rail industry including Underground, Metros, Light Rail and Trams. Our primary areas of responsibility include Infrastructure, Power, and Rolling Stock, as well as Signalling, Communications, P/Way and M&E disciplines.

We work extensively with the Asset Owners and their Sub-Contractors, as well as Train Operating Companies, and the Rolling Stock Maintainers & Manufacturers.

We are able to provide multi-disciplinary teams with competencies across all disciplines from Professional Management and Design through to Planning and Operational streams.

ENTECH Rail is Link-UP approved.

We currently have many contract and permanent positions ranging from Senior Management and Engineering through to Shop Floor.

Due to the confidentiality of some of our positions they will not be posted online. If you are unable to find a suitable position please give us a call and speak to one of our consultants.

For further information contact us on:

Phone: 01442 898 900
Email: info@entechts.com