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- 51 minutes ago

A report that provides an update on NASA's strategy for human deep space exploration that will enable our journey to Mars.

- 51 minutes ago

NASA and the European Space Agency have launched a mission to divert the orbit of an asteroid’s small moon by crashing a spacecraft into it.

- 20 minutes ago

- 58 minutes ago

Nasal clip measures heart rate and respiration, transmitting data to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

- 34 minutes ago

The luxury car making division of Toyota has spent the past 18 months attempting to reverse this by developing a hoverboard with scientists from IFW Dresden and evico GmbH, a Dresden-based specialist in magnetic levitation technology.

- 48 minutes ago

- Just now

Prestigious international scientific prize has committed $100m over the next ten years to mankind’s biggest ever search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI).

- 24 minutes ago

A UK consortium, led by Airbus Defence and Space, has proposed a new space mission that could provide Earth with early warning of potentially hazardous solar storms.

- 35 minutes ago

41 per cent of UK engineers are considering a change of job, according to the results of The Engineer’s 2015 salary survey

- 39 minutes ago