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The Energy Industry is a combination of interests and technologies, all pointed at supplying fuel, heat and power, or making the best use of it. Dominating industries include the oil companies (primarily in oil production, refining and distribution), public and private utilities (electricity, water and gas) and those parts of the building industries that include heating, cooling, ventilating and power-distribution systems. The field also includes the specialists involved in energy conservation, the many governmental or quasi-governmental organisations involved in energy policy and special environmental issues pertaining to power production and consumption.

The Energy sector is highly competitive with consumers urged to look around for the best deals when purchasing electricity, oil and gas. Governments across the globe are being urged to decrease the production of greenhouse gases and pollution. Due to future shortages in natural energy sources alternative energy is becoming more of a focus for governments and companies around the globe.

Wind farms are appearing and energy from this source is increasing dramatically. Schemes to generate energy from waste materials and biomass are also being developed. Research into getting energy from waves and tides is progressing too.

Utility companies are taking important steps to renew their infrastructure and reduce the quantities of products leaking into the environment.

ENTECH Energy is playing a leading role in supplying engineers across all aspects of this very important industry. The Energy team consists of technically qualified consultants who understand the industry. We are currently working closely with major companies and subcontractors in supporting projects around the world.

We currently have many contract and permanent positions ranging from Senior Management and Engineering through to Consultants.

Due to the confidentiality of some of our positions they will not be posted online. If you are unable to find a suitable position please give us a call and speak to one of our consultants.

For further information contact us on:

Phone: 01442 898 900
Email: info@entechts.com