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ENTECH Aerospace & Defence

The Aerospace and Defence Industry is a highly complex and globally competitive market place. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the world's industrial and technological capability for transportation, communication, observation, security and defence.

ENTECH Automotive

The Automotive industry is a pivotal part of the UK manufacturing sector. Automotive firms are leaders in global best practice in many areas of manufacturing and provide a key source of improvement for the UK manufacturing sector as a whole.


The UK Rail Industry is going through many changes. Advancements in new technology, introduction of new rolling stock and infrastructure enhancements to cope with the ever-increasing demand for Rail services, where Safety and Quality are critical has created numerous challenges.

ENTECH Building Services & Construction

The Construction and Building Services Industry is vast. It covers everything from House Building to Constructing Dams and Bridges; to Road, Rail and Air Transport Infrastructures; and Industrial Plant, Power Stations and Gas platforms.


The Energy Industry is a combination of interests and technologies, all pointed at supplying fuel, heat and power, or making the best use of it.

ENTECH Engineering

Entech Engineering is the division that provides services to other niche market sectors such as Space, Telecommunications, Electronics, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

ENTECH Technology

ENTECH Technology is playing a leading role with organisations in supplying people across all domains of Enterprise Architecture, Solutions Architecture and Project Management.